Finding Joy

Let's create a movement where positivity breeds positivity because it's in the encounters with the positivity that leaves me hungry for more.

Normal: You Create It

**From my Facebook 6/23/2017 I couldn't pass the opportunity to turn it into a blog post.** Can we talk about the word 'normal' and what it actually means?! Listed as an adjective, it means 'conforming to a standard, usual, typical or expected.' But let's be real, there are so many standards (dependent on situation and... Continue Reading →


Do want to know the truth?! 2019 has me abso-FREAKING-lutely terrified. If you follow our business, you have seen we are moving & grooving with our franchise development. And quite frankly, I'm so scared of what is to come and what will be required from me....and this is no one else's problem but my own....... Continue Reading →

30 Things my 20s Taught Me

Someone once told me: 'Your 20s will be the most influential years of your life. It's during [your 20s] you change the most and mold into the person you are supposed to become.' I used to laugh thinking that can't be true, I will always be the same person, nothing will ever change in my... Continue Reading →

Three Years.

Three years. Three whole years we've been in Cincinnati pursuing a dream. Three years have felt like a lifetime but yet they've felt like 1 week. We have experienced some of the best days of our lives and some of the hardest days of our lives. We have made some of the toughest decisions in... Continue Reading →

To my teenage self…

Oh how I wish I knew what I know now to save myself years of achieving what I was always capable of. My teenage years were some of the hardest for personal discovery and acceptance. This note/letter is to my teenage self. But before I began, I came across this quote that is so befitting... Continue Reading →

Promise is a promise.

A little different topic than I typically post on. But I had posted on my social media Monday asking for prayers, positive vibes, or whatever anyone believes in. I also promised an update. It's long, but here it is. Sometime towards our time in Tampa, we got a call that pretty much had the whole... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Hope 

2017 was by far the hardest, most challenging year of my life. I've talked a lot about that A LOT. And I'm slightly sorry, but not really. I've learned that writing my thoughts and feelings are my way of working through the challenges and the celebrations. And good heavens I'm thankful 2017 is over! I've... Continue Reading →

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